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Material: Coir, PVC, Wood

Width: 4cm

Length: 30cm; 40cm; 50cm; (optional)


Crafted from coconut fiber material, these poles offer enhanced durability, ensuring longevity in your gardening endeavors. Embrace the power of hydration as these poles assist your plants in retaining essential water and nutrients, promoting robust growth. The addition of a sturdy wooden stick makes inserting the pole into the soil effortless, providing unwavering support. Versatility takes center stage, with these climbing poles serving as ideal companions for a diverse range of indoor climbing plants. The expandable design offers flexibility as your plants grow, allowing for individual use or stacking to create extended lengths. With three sizes – 30 cm, 40 cm, or 50 cm – our plant climbing poles cater to gardens and balconies alike, ensuring your plants thrive in any space. Elevate your gardening journey with these innovative supports that nurture your plants from growth to glory.

Climbing Plant Pole

PriceFrom £6.00

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